MP expels 2 students involved in school threats in May

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The Mt. Pleasant Community School District expelled two middle school students whose threatening remarks prompted investigations in May.

The school board agreed to expel the students during two separate closed sessions to discuss what happened to prompt the conversation and the details of an expulsion consent agreement during the board meeting on Monday, June 11.

The first threat was investigated Monday, May 21, following a complaint received by the Federal Bureau of Investigation about a student referencing violence against the school in a YouTube video. The second threat occurred only a few days later on May 25 when a student was heard making a threatening remark in the hallway at Mt. Pleasant Middle School.

The names of the students are confidential.

Expulsion can be as long as a full calendar year, Superintendent John Henriksen said. An expulsion consent agreement, however, can be less than a year depending on what the school board decides.

Students who are of mandatory school attendance age or special needs students with individualized education plans are still the responsibility of the district if they are expelled. In Henriksen?s experience even before he was superintendent at Mt. Pleasant, the district hired a teacher or tutor for expelled students to continue with services. They may have met in a public space like the library, but not on school district grounds.

Henriksen could not comment on how long each of these expulsion consent agreements were for.