MP bowls at Louisa-Muscatine tournament

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


LETTS ? The Mt. Pleasant bowling teams competed at the Louisa-Muscatine tournament on Saturday. The girls? team rolled a 1,929 and the boys rolled a 2,430.

The varsity girls were led by Emily Shumaker, who rolled a 112 in her first game and led the team with a 160 in her second game to even out at 272. Alexis Wohlleber rolled a 144 and 120 for a total of 264, and Gillian Anderson rolled a 140 and a 122 to finish at 262.

Kelsey Hummell bowled a 110 and a 120 to finish at 230. Rachel Kuckes bowled a 112 and a 109 for a score of 221, and Meadow Jensen rounded out the team, rolling a 79 and a 99 to finish at 178.

The girls rolled a 680 in their baker games. The five individual games went 125, 146, 147, 147 and 115.

Sam Anderson led the boys? team. He rolled a 168 and a 167 to arrive at 335. Levi Mills was right behind Anderson, rolling a 170 and a 162 to end at 332.

Tristan Dirth and Ethan Oilar each scored over 300 as well. Dirth bowled a 181 and a 140 to finish at 321 and Oilar rolled a 171 and a 138 for a total of 309. Kyle Medina bowled a 149 and a 99 to finish up at 248 and Brandon Parton rolled an 81 and a 148 to score 229.

Baker games for the varsity boys went 129, 175, 186, 207 and 188 for a total of 885.

The junior varsity boys rolled a 1,726. The JV Panthers were led by Byron Lopez, who threw a 127 in his first game and a 132 in his second game to finish at 259. Blaine Bowman rolled a 128 and a 107 to place 235 and Noel Lopez bowled a 126 and a 107 to end the round at 233.

Carlos Figueroa threw a 103 and a 119 to score 222. Clayton Wilson went 127 and 88 to finish at 215 and Ben Baccam rolled a 68 and a 70 to finish up at 138.

Baker games for the JV boys went 108, 91, 123, 142 and 98 for a total of 562.

Brittany Triska, Arlouny Phosa and Mason Pounsavan rolled on a mixed-gender junior varsity team together. Triska led the way, rolling a 225. She had a 108 in her first game and a 117 in her second game.

Phousy finished at 196, rolling a 97 in her first game and a 99 in her second game. Pounsavan finished at 180, rolling a 92 and an 88.

Phousy, Triska, Pounsavan and Ben Baccam combined for a baker score of 445. The individual games went 86, 85, 98, 79 and 97.

The Panther bowling teams will be back at home for their next meet on Thursday, Jan. 11, at 1 p.m.