More than ever, we need His Holy Day

By Ed Conwell, Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


My wife and I recently made a trip to New York City to attend a memorial service for a friend of ours. On a Friday afternoon, as we were preparing to return home, we went shopping at a large grocery store near our hotel. As we entered the store we were surprised to see the store filled with dozens of Orthodox Jewish families. We thought that unusual, but just assumed that we were in a large Jewish community. However as we shopped, we realized that these families were actually shopping, preparing for their Sabbath; purchasing the foods and other supplies they would need through their Sabbath observance.

This brief encounter has been on my mind for several weeks now and I have wondered how well we Christians are ?Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy?. Where do you find yourself on the Sabbath ? worshipping the Lord and Savior or is it a day we sleep in, go fishing or play golf?

The worship service is a wonderful and glorious time. When we step into our worship centers, we should think of ourselves as being in a sanctuary, a sacred and special place where we can contemplate Christ and His great and glorious mission. We should put aside the things of the world and think instead of what is eternal. We need to put aside our cellphones and think about Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

As we take the time to focus on our love for the Savior, if we can start thinking of our buildings as a sanctuary of faith and devotion for our worship, we all will be blessed.

As we build the Kingdom of God, I can?t think of anything more important than having a well-prepared worship service where speakers speak of Christ, testify of Christ, and share testimonies from the prophets and apostles in the scriptures.

We should make an effort until every member of our congregation is so spiritually motivated during their Sabbath day worship that each says to his or her neighbors and relatives, ?Come and see. Come and worship with us.? This is where we want to be.

If we could all do this as a Church, those who accept our invitation to ?come and see? will feel the power of the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As they worship with us in our services, their hearts will be touched and the light of the gospel will be lit in their hearts and minds.