More summer construction projects to be tackled soon in Mt. Pleasant

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The city is hard at work this summer completing the numerous construction projects to better Mt. Pleasant?s streets and sewers.

The Mt. Pleasant City Council approved several change orders and projects including installing a new stormwater pipe across Mapleleaf Athletic Complex?s parking lot and hiring LL Pelling Co. to do chip and seal on city streets during a meeting on Wednesday, June 13.

The change order for Mapleleaf was necessary after the city found the storm sewer too shallow to be usable as they began construction on the parking lot. This made the project eligible to be paid for from the Water Quality Fund, reducing the city?s and school?s cost of the project. The storm sewer is essentially the full length of the lot.

The Street Committee recommended the city approve hiring LL Pelling Co. to do chip and seal on roads throughout the city, which City Administrator Brent Schleisman said has held up well over the last couple years on streets previously done. The council approved awarding the contract.

There were no public comments during a public hearing on the proposed sanitary sewer lining project, which will line approximately 25,000 feet of existing sewer lines to eliminate ground water from entering the sanitary sewer system. Bid letting has been extended to Tuesday, June 26 to give bidders more time to evaluate the project.

Schleisman said bid letting keeps getting pushed back because of the complexity of this project. ?We want to make sure they get a good enough look at what we have,? he said.

There were also no public comments during the public hearing on the proposed sanitary sewer spot repair and manhole replacement project, which the council described as a sister project to the sewer lining project. The project will be divided into three parts to replace 60 to 70 manhole covers. Bid letting will be July 10 at 3 p.m.

On South Main Street, crews found a sag in the sewer line which requires an additional 40 by 8 feet of pipe to be installed. The cost increase to the project is $2,400, which the council approved.

In other news, the city approved appointing Anthony Jon Michael Rash and Kaelen Jo Wiegand to the firefighter reserve unit at the recommendation of Fire Chief Stewart Kinney.

The Public Works Department will also be hiring a temporary part time laborer, Larry Hendricks, to work at the Waterworks Treatment Plant hauling sludge. This is a temporary, 170-hour position.

The next Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting will be Wednesday, June 27.