Man wants readers to know the real Phil Grandinetti

To the editor,


Recent events brought to our attention the name of Phillip Grandinetti in a less than favorable light. We want readers to know the real Phil.

Phillip Grandinetti is one of the hardest working and generous people I know. He is a very successful young businessman and a big asset to the Henry County community.

This Fourth of July, Mr. Grandinetti lent himself and his crew to help raise and lower the flags on the courthouse lawn. Us aging veterans haven?t raised the flags on the Fourth of July recently because it is difficult with a few people. The young, strong men including Phil and his crew made short work of the project and it was Phil?s original idea to put them up. So add ?patriot? to his list of attributes.

I have watched Phil in action, he is a rare combination of both brains and brawn. When I first read the ?statue? story I knew Phil was innocent of the charges because he is far too successful to even consider such an act, much less the destruction of someone?s property wouldn?t even be on his horizon.

I support our local law enforcement and I know their job is difficult but it does seem in this case they were overzealous to the extent of harming someone?s reputation.

I urge the community to support Phil and his business.



Dean King, Mt. Pleasant