Making a true sacrifice

This summer at First Presbyterian Church we are studying the book, ?The Good and Beautiful God? by James Bryan Smith. In one of the chapters he talks about self-sacrifice and how this is the greatest gift God gave us. It got me thinking ... Has there been a time in your life when you sacrificed something for someone else? I mean really sacrificed. Not skipping your daily bowl of cereal for breakfast so that your husband could have the last of the milk. But really sacrificing something that was important to you to benefit someone you loved? Maybe the sacrifice was of your time, your money or your own comfort. How was it received? And how did it make you feel?

Or on the flip side, can you think of a time when someone truly sacrificed something for your well-being? I tend to think of my parents and how much of their personal time they would sacrifice to do something that would benefit us kids. How much of their time and money was spent going to every single one of my ballgames or band concerts.

Smith says, ?At the heart of the universe is this one principle: self-sacrifice is the highest act. The grain of wheat must die in order to give life. The cosmos reflects the nature of the God who created it.? Jesus said, ?No one has greater love than this, to lay down one?s life for one?s friends.? (John 15:13)

?I will sacrifice myself for your good? is the sentiment of God. And we, in our small moments of sacrifice, feel something of what God feels (freedom, release, exhilaration, purpose, meaning), if only for a few moments. But there is always a risk. Will this sacrifice make me look weak? Will I give too much of myself? Will I experience the pain of unrequited love?

Sacrifice comes from a place of deep love and affection. If you ever find yourself wondering if God really loves you, ask yourself the question, ?What more could he have done to show his love??