Make your someday today


Mt. Pleasant News

The future has been on everybody?s minds lately. It?s a common thing to think about this time of year, with all the graduations happening around us and watching young adults leave their childhood behind.

As I sat through three ceremonies this year, watching students cross the stage and be handed the ticket to the rest of their lives, I couldn?t help but be caught up in all the hopes and dreams for the future.

Because I can almost count the number of years since my own graduation on one hand, I may not be old enough to instill my words of wisdom onto anybody. But that won?t stop me from trying.

And this advice isn?t just meant for the class of 2012, either. No matter where you are in your life?s journey, I think you could benefit from what I?m about to write.

Keep on hoping and dreaming, but don?t let your hopes and dreams stay hopes and dreams.

As young adult author John Green, one of my favorite authors, wrote, ?Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia.? We get caught up dreaming ? almost reminiscing ? about our imagined futures. We spend our lives planning for someday. Someday I?ll do this. Someday I?ll do that. Someday everything will be so much better.

Yet, we spend more time planning for someday than doing anything to reach someday.

Hoping and dreaming but not doing anything about it will not get you to your someday. It will not get you anywhere. You will be 80 years old, bitter and resentful of the someday that never came.

So I encourage everybody to take life by the horns, live life to its fullest and all those other clichés that make up commencement addresses. If you know where you want to go in life, do something about it, rather than just dreaming of the day it happens.

Make your someday today.