Looking forward to the weekend

As I am writing this column, it?s in the mid 60s, the sun is out and the weekend is in my sights. Yes, life is good when Mother Nature is kind and you have a weekend to call your own.

This week, I got to spend some quality time with my cousin as his parents were on vacation in Florida. As a lover of Florida myself, I couldn?t help but wish they could have packed me into one of their suitcases so I could have spent a few days on the beach just soaking up the sun. And I don?t know about you, but when temps were in the mid to upper 40s last Saturday morning, I was less than thrilled about being in southeast Iowa.

Over the years, however, spring has certainly become one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love the generally warmer weather that teases the upcoming summer, nature?s beautiful colors and just getting to be outside after a long winter indoors. And, as I now live in town, I have come to even better appreciate growing up in the country during the warmer Midwest seasons.

My parents live on several acres of land, and when I was still living at home during high school, that large acreage meant a lot of mowing in the spring and summer. Back then mowing wasn?t my favorite chore. Now, if I get asked to come over and mow for my parents, I don?t exactly complain. There is just something nice about sitting on a lawn mower, listening to some tunes and getting a little sun.

My other favorite thing about this time of year is getting in some horseback riding time. Yet another reason I have come to better appreciate spending most of my life?s spring and summer seasons in the country have been having horses to ride. Between horses to take care of and a farmstead to run, being indoors on nice days wasn?t really an option for the Kelly kids when we were all growing up ?and now being cooped up inside is the last place I want to be.

This weekend, I have a full schedule planned out. With forecasts predicting highs in the low to mid 70s, I hope Mother Nature doesn?t try to pull a fast one on all of us. My palomino needs a little TLC, and with show season quickly sneaking up on me, it?s time to get in as much riding as I can. And as much as he might not enjoy it, it?s just about time for Famous Amos to start shedding some of his winter weight.

Of course, I would also be remiss if I didn?t try to spend an afternoon with my nephews. They have both fallen in love with fishing in my parents? pond. Now, they still aren?t old enough to bait a hook or cast out a line, but they enjoy watching my mediocre attempts at such tasks. And although they have yet to snag anything bigger than about the length of my hand, they still get a thrill from reeling in a fresh catch.

So, what are you planning on doing this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it?s something outdoors. The way I see it, with the fluctuating temperatures we have endured the past few weeks, Mother Nature owes us a nice weekend.

Although, I hope I didn?t jinx anything by writing about the beautiful weather we are supposed to see this weekend. Oh well, I guess we will find out.