Look at what the penny has done for Mt. Pleasant

To the editor:

What has the penny done for Mt. Pleasant over the last 20 years? Look at these Mt. Pleasant projects that were either funded or helped to leverage monies for federal and state grants:

? Aquatic center;

? Airport improvements;

? Police department building improvements;

? Washington Street reconstruction;

? Grand Avenue reconstruction;

? Iris Street reconstruction.

As former mayors, we urge the citizens of Mt. Pleasant to vote ?yes? on May 5.

We have seen how invaluable the penny has been as a source of revenue to fund capital projects without raising property tax. In fact, at least 92 percent of the cities in Iowa have the penny sales tax. When we make purchases away from home, it is likely we are supporting that community?s penny sales tax.

The penny tax does not apply to basic items such as groceries, prescription drugs, gasoline and medical services, vehicle purchases, rent and mortgage payments.

We are asking our fellow citizens to join us and vote yes for the penny on May 5.


Stan Hill

Mayor of Mt. Pleasant


John Freeland

Mayor of Mt. Pleasant