Local man urges support for new jail

To the editor:

Council Bluffs Iowa, ?Chaos Gives Way to Mourning After Iowa Deputy?s Slaying? - Des Moines Register, May 2, 2017.

Rarely does a headline and a heartbreaking memorial speak so clearly and decisively on a way forward for a community. I believe Henry County, Iowa, is approaching a Rubicon. We will soon have another opportunity to vote to construct a new jail. An unextravagant, brick and mortar symbol of moral decline that no one can get very excited about, but is necessary nonetheless. Please contact the Henry County Citizens Jail Committee and avail yourself of a tour of the bastille, which is Henry County Jail.

Dangerous - let me count the ways. Our elected officials will exhort to you rationally about the economics, the efficiencies, and the quality of life reasons for making this investment. Most importantly, they are pleading with us for the safety of our friends and family dedicated to law enforcement. The committee, engineers and architects have put in the time. Now it?s time to fish or cut bait.

?The Sheriff?s office is close to our hearts,? she said. ?Tragedies like this are such a reminder that we have here to be there to support each other. I think it?s amazing the amount of support you see here.? Omaha World-Herald, May 3, 2017.

That lady was referring to the beautiful bouquets, flags, and a memorial fund set up for Deputy Mark Burbridge?s wife and three children. We can give a tribute to our officers and their families by helping them get home safe. Get out and vote. Thanks.


Mike Fitzpatrick

Mt. Pleasant