Local man shares his concerns regarding church attendance

To the editor:

In reference to the article in the ?Mt. Pleasant News? regarding church attendance dropping, it should be read and re-read across the U.S.A. The loss of Christianity in any nation has meant a total change in the freedom of that nation?s population. A little over 100 years ago, Russia had a very high Christian population, now it is a tiny percentage and in hiding. The Pew Research Center shows Henry County being 46.3 percent in church attendance. For those who feel the loss of Christians has no meaning for our freedom, check any nation that has ever lost its Christian inhabitants. We have reached a point where we are forced to pay taxes to allow the sale of body parts that were killed by abortion.

No prayer in school ? coaches condemned for praying at sporting events. Companies being sued for not furnishing pregnancy pills to their employees. Pastors do not dare mention politics during a church service or they could lose their tax free status. For a simple way to discover the downgrading of Christianity by our government, order the 2016 edition of the book, ?Undeniable: The Survey of the Hostility to Religion in America?, by Kelly Shackelford.

Until religion is treated as a business it will continue to decline. Maintaining our church population is certainly one of America?s largest businesses operated too much by pennies. If one owned an auto dealership and business began to slow, one would replace a sales person, or add a new one. If your home sales department was slowing and didn?t improve after meetings, a new sales person would be hired. Whereas, if most churches lose population, they pray that God adds to their attendance, while they should be praying to God to give them the ability to reach out to the community to raise their church attendance.

Save our nation. Ask your friends to attend church with you, if for no other reason than Christianity can keep America strong. God will become involved in the church service and make them feel welcome. We will defend Christianity or live and die in a once wonderful and free nation controlled by hatred and misery while praying in the closet, lacking the nerve to go forward.


Robert Batey

Mt. Pleasant