Local man desires to see growth in nation?s Christian population

To the editor:

According to the Mt. Pleasant News, Iowa Wesleyan University is offering a new class teaching the Koran. Which God will the class refer to? Will it be the Christian God that fathered Jesus or the God chosen by the Muslim creator centuries ago?

The class will be taught by Ministers from Mt. Pleasant and a Muslim leader from the big new Mosque in Cedar Rapids.

The quest is left open since the Christian population in Henry County is down to 46%. Are we trying to increase our church population with Muslims or should our fading Christian group join the growing Muslims? Or are we simply going from ?Love thy Neighbor, to Kill the Infidel?? In no way do I feel we should be hateful to any group. However, my Muslim teachings need to go no further than the Twin Towers, Fort Hood, or San Bernardino, California.

Maybe our Ministers should spend more time filling their own Church pews, the Muslim population seems to be doing very well on its own. Russia was 90% Christian a hundred years ago. Let?s search for Christian leaders that will expand our Christian population and save our wonderful U.S.A.


Robert Batey

Mt. Pleasant