Little Food Bank

Mathew 6:1 Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

No, it?s not a Book Loaner Box, although it looks like it could be one. On the west end of Madison Street in Mt. Pleasant, next to the street, is a free Little Food Bank, like a grocery store on a stick. People in need of food or a few other essentials are encouraged to take what they need, 24/7. People are also encouraged to contribute items. Goods found in the Little Food Bank are cereal, soup, toilet paper, vegetables, peanut butter, etc. On the glass face of the Little Food Bank, its purpose is clearly stated, ?Take what you need, Give what you can. Above All, Be BLESSED.?

The builders of the Little Food Bank wish to remain anonymous, following Mathew 6:1. They just want to be able to help people in need, just as they were helped at various times in their lives. One of the builders, a single parent with two children, remembers receiving food baskets at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The Little Food Bank has been in existence for a while, and has had some use, but not near enough. There have been FaceBook postings, and word of mouth, but the owners would like to see the free service utilized more than it has. One of the owners would like nothing more than to have to go and buy food items to restock the pantry.

Not so unusual, the item taken the most from the Little Food Bank, has been toilet paper.

Unlike other Community Food Pantries, this one is available around the clock, no questions asked, take what you need.

The builders of the Little Food Bank point out that ?food insecurity? has been on a steady rise in Henry County, even though the poverty level has been decreasing. They are going to make fliers to be distributed to churches and other public places. The word needs to get out, and you can help.

The Little Food Bank is quite a nice looking box, very well constructed, and decorated professionally. If I needed food, I wouldn?t hesitate to use it. I also wouldn?t hesitate to contribute.

Drive by the west end of Madison St. and take a look for yourself. There are people, a lot of people in this world, who care and are willing to extend themselves. God bless these people and the work they do.

Pass the blessings along!

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