Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

With the 2013 Old Threshers Reunion on the near horizon, memories are prompted and stories repeated. This is an Old Threshers? memory/story sworn to be true by ?those who were there.?

At that time, food tents, where the Wright Pavilion now stands, served two full meals each day and were placed in a row. Their order was standards ? Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.

That year a man, who had recently moved to Mt. Pleasant, knew very few people, had even more recently joined the Methodist congregation and answered its call for tent volunteers. Jumping in, he reported for duty bright and early, eager to be of service.

Warmly welcomed, he spent the day working hard and relishing the high spirits and camaraderie of his fellow workers. It was not until the end of the day that it was discovered that he had spent the day working in the Catholic tent rather than the Methodist. A good laugh was had by all.

The following day he waved to his new Catholic friends from the Methodist tent as he made new Methodist friends. Of course, they good naturedly waved back. Some say that at the end of the day they gathered at the rear of the tents for more fellowship and even a bit of forbidden brew.

I pass this story along as it were told to me. The year it had happened I was much too busy in the Catholic Church kitchen to verify details.

I needed to prepare the food that hopefully would outshine the Methodist, Presbyterian and other offerings. Our meatloaf never did outshine the Methodist offering. But, of course, they couldn?t complete with our Friday fish.


Marilyn Brau

Mt. Pleasant