Leave poor 2016 alone

Do you know what the worst part about 2016 has been? Hearing people complain about 2016.

Now, I know, it?s the cool thing to rip on whatever year it is when it gets close to the New Year, but I think all of our New Year?s resolutions should be to be more thankful for what the year has given us (wait, isn?t that just Thanksgiving?).

I know the end of the year has been hard for you all because of celebrity deaths and all that jazz, but I have something to say to anyone going around and saying this has been the worst year ever.

Did you forget that the Cubs won the World Series?

I sure didn?t, partly because I have a poster on my wall and a bunch of new clothes reminding me about it, and you shouldn?t either.

But the Cubs winning hasn?t been the only great thing about the year, at least from a sports perspective.

This year in professional sports, the Super Bowl was close and both the NBA Finals and World Series went to seven games.

The United States had another dominant Summer Olympics, taking home 121 medals and I think all the athletes made it out without contracting the Zika virus (but I didn?t fact-check that last part).

On the college level, The Hawkeye football team made it?s first Rose Bowl trip since I was less than a year old (1991).

The state of Iowa got its first taste of hosting the NCAA tournament when games tipped off at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, and even had three teams make it to the second round of the big dance.

Iowa State men?s basketball went to the Sweet 16 and both Northern Iowa and Iowa won their first round games on buzzer-beating shots.

Remember UNI?s Paul Jesperson hitting a half court shot to beat Texas? Or Iowa?s Adam Woodbury knocking out Temple?

On the high school scene, Henry County had a handful of teams make waves at state competitions this year.

All four schools had state track and field qualifiers. The county had two second-place finishes at the state wrestling meet (New London?s Sam Loyd and Mt. Pleasant?s Colten Mertens). Mt. Pleasant qualified for state in boys? bowling, boys' cross-country and girls? golf.

The New London girls made it back to Ft. Dodge for state softball again in 2016, and the Tiger girls? golf team was finally able to deliver a state championship to their seniors. On the boys? side, Winfield-Mt. Union was able to get to the state golf meet as a team as well.

I don?t pay a lot of attention to the celebrity world, but do you remember when that Leonardo guy from Titanic finally won his first Oscar for his movie that was just a big rip off of the Novel, ?Touching Spirit Bear?? I mean, I didn?t go see his movie, but I just kind of assumed.

The year 2016 had a lot to offer. Sure, it cruelly took some of the world?s best entertainers, but it has plenty of time to make up for it?if you consider two short December days plenty of time.

But as the ball drops this weekend and we ring in the new year, let?s try to look at the positives at the year gone by.