King family is thankful

To the editor:

The Edd King family of Mt. Peasant, Iowa, would like to express our deepest honor and heartfelt thank you to Mr. Wayne Nelson.

Wayne and his wife, Gwen, and Edd and Vi King were the very best of friends through the years! Wayne spoke at Edd King?s funeral and was the celebrant at Vi King?s funeral this past July.

Wayne is a man of impeccable integrity and has been very much like a family member to all of the Kings of Mt. Pleasant, sharing not only in our deepest sorrows, but our triumphs as well! He has celebrated with us, and mourned with us!

Wayne ?s generosity of time, talent and treasure literally knows no bounds! He, in fact, purchased Edd?s cherished Mercury from Vi following Edd?s death to ?keep it in the family.?

We will always consider Mr. Wayne Nelson as part of the King family, and feel blessed beyond measure to do so. Wayne shares his gifts and love with those who need it most and, is always willing to be of help to those in need. He is the kind of man people can relate to... as he knows and provides for a child in need~ a Christmas gift~ who would otherwise not have one and he knows the elderly, sharing time with them visiting thereby making one life better with his presence!

Once Wayne has met you.. he will always be able to call you by name. His friendliness knows no end...and if you are a friend of Wayne Nelson, you have a friend for life!

We are just to grateful for the gift of the Wayne Nelson family in our lives and we will always call him ?family.?


The Edd King family,

Mt. Pleasant