Keep pets warm, safe from cold this weekend

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


With temperatures hovering around zero degrees this weekend, animals have to suffer through the cold like the rest of us, said Nicole Apgar, registered veterinary technician at Northeast Animal Hospital. However, there are measures owners can take to ensure the safety of their pets.

Especially for pets kept outdoors, Apgar said the main thing is to provide shelter. For this weekend, she recommends getting them inside if possible. If that is not an option, use weather blankets, straw and whatever means available to insulate the structure.

?Make sure they have water,? Apgar reminded. ?A lot of times people put out water and it freezes.?

For huskies and other large-breed dogs, the snow might be a welcome change in play time. ?They?re quite happy in this,? she said.

For smaller dogs who get colder a lot easier, Apgar recommends sweaters, coats and booties if the dog will tolerate it. Apgar said they don?t often see animals suffering from hyperthermia or other cold-related illness at the animal hospital, and she hopes to keep it that way.

Apgar suggests being especially careful around bodies of water with animals being vulnerable to falling through the ice.

Like humans, animals get cabin fever too, Apgar said. ?Give them a little extra play time, a little extra attention.?