IW Human Services degree ranked 24th in nation

Iowa Wesleyan University (IW) is ranked 24th in the nation for its Human Services degree, according to Contributing to Wesleyan?s success is the dedication to service projects and the promotion of social justice.

The human services field seeks to meet human needs and improve quality of life, focusing on both preventing and relieving social problems, from substance abuse to homelessness to poverty.

Human services jobs typically require a bachelor?s degree for employment or promotion. To address this need, IW combined three majors, criminal justice, psychology and sociology, into a single human services major that is attractive, valuable and practical for many helping professions.

?Graduates from Iowa Wesleyan University with the human services major have been trained to respond to changes in the economy, health care system, and society,? Vice President for Enrollment Nick Boone said. ?By blending criminal justice, psychology and sociology, our students receive a well-rounded experience they need for real life situations.?

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