Iowa Man Arrested for Drug Possession

On Wednesday, March 14 a Hillsboro man was arrested and charged with carrying weapons and unlawful possession of drugs.

According to police reports, Jacob Fett was charged with an aggravated misdemeanor for carrying weapons, a simple misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia, and two serious misdemeanors for possession of a controlled substance:marijuana, and methamphetamine. He was also issued a written warning for improper rear lamps.

Just after 10 p.m., a Henry County Sheriff?s Deputy issued a traffic stop on a black 2004 Pontiac Grand Am in the Hardee?s parking lot. The driver was initially stopped for having a non-functioning taillamp, but the officer and his canine were asked to assist.

The canine alerted to possible narcotics being in the vehicle. After a search, it was found Fett was in possession of drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine, marijuana, and offensive weapons.

Upon arrest, Fett was taken to Henry County Jail and the case is still under investigation.

Assisting in the stop was the Mt. Pleasant Police Department and the Iowa State Patrol.

These charges are merely an accusation and the defendant is innocent until or unless proven guilty.