In Character: Deputy Do has no plans to let robbers get away

By Gretchen Teske, Mt. Pleasant News


*Editor?s note: In-Character is an Old Threshers tradition where The News interviews one of the many ?character? volunteers who help bring an old-time feel to the runion.


NORTH VILLAGE ? Tucked away on the Old Threshers grounds is the five-building North Village. The tiny town has been under serious threat at the Old Threshers reunion this week but thanks to the deputies and sheriffs in town, everyone is safe.

On Thursday, Deputy Do spoke to The News about the havoc being raised and his plan to get it stopped. He said a train robbery was fixing to happen and it had been occurring at least a couple of times day. He and his team were going to do their best to get it stopped. As for suspects, he had several.

?I believe the Dillon Gang are our suspects,? he said. ?They?ve been causing all sorts of mischief all over town.?

The elusive ?Dillon Gang,? also known as the ?Smokin? Gunslingers,? have been causing trouble in the North Village since the start of Old Threshers by attempting not only train robberies, but bank heists and jailbreaks.

As far as catching them, Deputy Do has a plan for that too. ?Well, we?ll even run ?em out of town or we?ll have to shoot ?em off,? he said. ?We?ve been after them for years but we?re gonna get ?em.?