Hillsboro news: Touring the nation to see friends and make memories


One really nice day in April, Cheryl had to make a business trip to Fairfield. On the way, she stopped in Stockport and picked up her cousin, Jan Morris. They had a great time visiting as they traveled, then, over lunch, Jan?s treat, they reminisced about spending the night with Grama and Grampa Heise, and caught up on each other?s family news.

Cheryl recently returned from a ten day trip to the East coast with friend Susan and her daughter, Jazzmin. The purpose of the trip was to attend William?s graduation from the National Guard in Columbia, S.C. What an impressive patriotic ceremony, and display of self-discipline as the troops marched onto the field.

Stops along the way to the graduation were a tour of the Kentucky Derby, Lexington Horse Park, Bryan Hill Baptist Church, the Roger?s House, which has many items and literature regarding the Civil War and a night spent with friends in Huntsville, Ala.

After the family day with William, and the graduation ceremony, sightseeing for the trio included the Atalaya Castle, where they walked along the beach. For some reason, many jellyfish had washed ashore.

Hilton Head Island was the next stop. There they took off shoes and socks and walked on the fine sand in the Atlantic Ocean as the tide receded with every incoming wave. Cheryl noted that no matter how powerful the ocean is, it could not wash away her shadow.

The last stop was Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina. A winding mountain road took them to the park entrance. Then, Susan and Jazzmin climbed the 499 steps to the top of the outcropping rock. Cheryl waited for them at step number 100.

There was a platform, and she has a cane that has a little seat built into it. It really came in handy on the trip.

Richard kept the home fires burning, and took care of the family dog while Cheryl was gone.

He also visited at the Burlington home of son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Courtney Bell. After supper he watched a movie with grandchildren Samuel and Clara Jo.

The day after getting back, Cheryl attended the graveside service at White?s Cemetery for her friend, Dorothy Ann Dawson, of Las Vegas, Nev., but who grew up in the Bonaparte area and went to school with Cheryl?s Mom, Hazel Heise Van Winkle.

Since she was in Burlington several Wednesday and Sunday nights, Cheryl visited Riverside Baptist Church, where she and Richard were members many years ago.

The fellowship with longtime Christian friends was a blessing. Cheryl does realize her age, though, when she sees men and women who were small children in her children?s church service back then, and who now have grown children of their own.

Garden and flower planting and mowing have occupied Cheryl?s spare hours lately. Samuel and Clara Jo came for a weekend at the farm. One day was spent riding around either in the wagon or on the garden tractor with Grama.

The children played with Bebo (who is really their dog), and Samuel likes to climb the magnolia tree. The children set up a ?store? in the hallway, ?selling? Grama?s treasures to her (using her coins).

Clara Jo has as much fun playing with Grama?s dollhouse as Grama did 60 years ago. They went to Sunday school with Grama in Bonaparte, then to Burlington as the children had to be back for school on Monday.

Richard and Cheryl attended the Great River Christian School Spring Concert which was held at the United Methodist Church in Burlington. Samuel was in the program, as well as Courtney?s second grade class.

On Saturday, Richard and Cheryl made the journey to the Dutchman?s Store in Cantril. When one goes on a Saturday, it?s a sure thing you will see someone you know.

Mrs. Baumgartner, Cheryl?s home ec teacher from high school was in the long checkout line, so the two had time for a very nice visit. Mrs. B?s brother, Mr. Moore, and his wife, were visiting her from Burlington, and were there as well.

At the Bonaparte Baptist Church, Sunday, the youngsters, (and a few adults, too) sang, ?All God?s Critters got a Place in the Choir,? a fun song, featuring among other animals, the coyote howl, the hippopotamus groans, and the porcupine who is having a bad hair day.

Then, Pastor Mark invited the men to come up to the platform, and to bring a hymn book. They sang an unrehearsed special as a Mother?s Day treat, and what a blessing it was, too.

After church, Cheryl drove to Burlington for lunch with Mark, Courtney, Samuel and Clara Jo. Mark and Courtney had prepared a delicious pork roast with carrots, onions and mini peppers.

Dressing, lettuce and tomato salad, cottage cheese and coconut cream pie completed the meal. Cheryl went to the evening service at Riverside Baptist, and was given a beautiful rose, which she gave to Courtney. It was a wonderful Mother?s Day.