Hillsboro news: Carter family reunion

The descendants of the late John and Bertha ?Syfert? Carter held their annual family reunion at the Hillsboro Community Center on Sunday, July 22. There were only 18 in attendance this year: Gene and Linda Carter; Gale, Marie and Cindy Carter; Donald Carter all from Hillsboro; Harold and Carol Carter from Keosauqua; Mark and Misti Novak from Fairfield; Kayla Khovnnasenh, Aiden and Connor Novak from Mt. Pleasant; Peggy Krable and Lori Brown from Davenport; Larry and Barbara Pender from Burlington; Kevin Pender from Donnellson. The next reunion is planned for July 28, 2019 at 12 p.m. to be held again at the Hillsboro Community Center.