Henry County Conservation investing in new security system

The Henry County Conservation Department will be upgrading to a new security system in the Nature Center and their offices.

After some false alarms with the current security system, Executive Director of the department John Pullis said the Conservation board approved moving ahead with purchasing new security cameras. During the Henry County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12, Pullis reported that the cameras will be linked to staff members? cellphones, sending alerts if motion is detected during hours when no one should be in the building.

?It will alert us and we can either look at the cameras live and determine if this is something we need to deal with. Either we respond or call the Sheriff?s Department,? Pullis said.

Pullis said this system will be a much-needed upgrade from the 15- to 18-year-old system they have now. The current system is ineffective, with response times 20 to 30 minutes or maybe longer, Pullis said.

In addition to upgrading their security system, board members of the Conservation Department have also discussed moving the Waterworks Park campground because of recurring flood damage. Pullis said they were approached by several different people about the need to move that campground.

Pullis compared Waterworks Park campground to South Shore campground, saying that although South Shore is only slightly higher in elevation, it ?doesn?t go under water as quickly as Waterworks,? Pullis said. Pullis will look at expenses occurred through flood damage and consider the options for Waterworks Park campground.