Henry County ahead of the game with PREA compliance

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Henry County is currently the only county in the Southeast Iowa Crime Commission agency that is PREA compliant.

In a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 19, Supervisor Gary See said that although no one else has failed compliance, Henry County is the only county so far to have completed the process.

PREA is the Prison Rape Elimination Act signed into law in 2003. See said it?s important to be in compliance because otherwise federal reimbursements could be pulled.

?It?s important to county government all over, not just for the sheriff?s offices,? See said, adding that one example of funds pulled could be federal dollars for roads.

See also reported that an inspection of the jail on Dec. 7 was successful. ?As good as we can get considering our facility,? he said.

In other news, Caleb Waters has been appointed to the Henry County Conservation Board. Supervisor Marc Lindeen said that Waters was the only applicant, a first ?in recent memory? that there has not been competition for a seat on the Conservation board, See said.

Nearing Christmas, Henry County engineer Jake Hotchkiss reported that some employees are ?itching to get into their plows for snow removal.? ?We haven?t had to fire up anything yet for snow removal,? he said.

However, the mild weather continues to allow the department to work on roads. Specifically this past week, the department spent time laying rock on the shoulders of paved roads to lessen the drop off on 267th Street near and east of New London and to J20.

Other projects include completing the ditching project on 260th; installing crossroad pipe on Nashua; and continuing boom mower operations.