He has the Christmas spirit


Mt. Pleasant News

I persuaded my wife to put a little decorative pizzazz into the office for the Christmas season ? before Thanksgiving. I?ve been humming Christmas tunes. I think the ?Snowball Drop? at Central Park was awesome.

We drove around and checked out some Christmas lights. St. Alphonsus leads local churches in exterior lighting, from my brief tour experience. Of course, the Ruby residence on west Broad Street that combines light and sound can?t be beat, and the Corry Court, Linden Heights and east Harvest Drive are pretty great neighborhoods for decorations.

I?m about as Christmas-spirited as they come, and it feels good!

How about you? Let us know if you?ve seen a great light display in the area. We also appreciate everyone who?s shared information about public holiday events so we can help spread the word.

I?m not well-known for being all full of jolliness and ho-ho-ho-ing (though my mid-section may have the round appearance of someone FULL of Ho-Hos, bakery closing or no bakery closing!). My early and sustained spirit has a lot to do with the good fortune I had to run into the Jolly Old Elf himself about a month ago.

You see, if you have the right connections, Santa Claus will come to town. The folks who put the New London Stroll and Mt. Pleasant Holiday on Main events certainly knew that and got hooked up.

I confess my connections with the North Pole were not as strong as in past years until quite recently. When the kids become adults, you know, you let them take over the Santa stuff. But in the past year and one-half our grandkid census has tripled (from one to three), and grandparents always are willing to go the extra mile or thousand when it comes to those little ones.

In my case, Santa also was kind enough to help us promote some local shopping for the Mt. Pleasant News. When it comes to supporting home towns, the guy ?gets it? ? even though his home town is about as isolated as you can get, and the elves need to organize a North Pole Chamber Alliance. (It?s not generally known, but once they finish preparing all of the toys for Santa?s deliveries each year, the elves are pretty doggone lazy.)

Anyway, when I hung out with Santa, he was just such an upbeat guy that it was impossible not to come away feeling good!

Fiscal cliff, Santa?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa?s got plenty of compromises and solutions ready in his bag for those lawmakers; all they have to do is be good boys and girls to each other!

There are a lot of needy people out there. What can we do?

Why, you have people at places like your Fellowship Cup in Mt. Pleasant, your churches in your towns and rural areas of Henry County. They are helping needy people all of the time ? Santa?s going to do what he does every year at this time and spread the gift of awareness!

Ho! Ho! Ho! If you want to help, see some of these folks! They?ll show you what is needed!

Where?s that Escalade I asked for last Christmas?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Do you want me to show you your ?Naughty vs. Nice? list? You?ve got some work to do to tip the scales in your favor!

Guess you?re right, you Jolly Guy. I?m getting to work on my Christmas Spirit right away!