Hawkeye Football is nearing


Mt. Pleasant News

I would like to start this column off right this week, there are approximately 36 days left until Hawkeye Football, but who is counting, right?

Aug. 30 sees the first game of the season and they will be playing the University of Northern Iowa. I have to say, I?m super stoked.

Yes, I said stoked. I don?t care if it?s 80s terminology or not, I?m thrilled. I have been waiting since the last game for them to play again. There is nothing better than having my kids decked out in Hawkeye gear, a group of close friends, beverages and the game.

The downside of it all? It means that summer is almost over, already. Considering how long winter lasted, I hope that summer does the same. Can we have 80-degree weather in December? I honestly won?t complain, ever.

I look forward to my Saturdays being filled up with football, and my Sundays. I have to say, I?m definitely looking forward to that part of the fall, as long as summer lasts forever.

Imagine wearing shorts on Christmas?boy could I get lost in that dream! I think that I should move out of Iowa honestly, and to somewhere warm. I don?t know why I stick around a place where it?s so cold. Well, I guess I do, I mean my family is here; my friends and I have lived here for 25 years of my life.

Speaking of years, my birthday is just around the corner. After this year, I will quit aging, just saying. I?m not exactly looking forward to it. I don?t know why, but next year, when I turn 30, I will take it hard.

I know, I know, 30 isn?t that bad. It is to me though, it?s just that step in your life that you are no longer a young adult and you are expected to have it all together. Right? I hope not, because I still have no idea what I?m doing. Haha.

Speaking to that idea of not knowing what I?m doing, I?m in completely new territory now with our almost three-year-old son. To say he is his father?s son would be a complete understatement.

Getting up in the morning has become almost next to impossible. For some reason, he feels the need to scream loudly, cry and refuse to use the potty. Once we are out the door, all is well, but not so much for the first hour of waking up.

Also, my cousin had all girls, our first was a girl and so I wasn?t used to having a boy around. Honestly, some days, I wonder what I will do. He has already had stitches, at least four emergency room visits and I don?t even know how many bumps and bruises on his head.

My mom tells me that he?s just a boy and to calm down, but how can I calm down when he is ramming his head into a wall? I will definitely have that grey hair by 30, which saddens me.

Our almost five-year-old is a trial at times as well. She is getting into the stage of telling you how it is. If your fly is down, you will know about it, in public, in front of a bunch of people. Not that I would have experienced that or not.

She also likes to tell people they are old, big, etc. She does need to learn a little respect I would say.

Parenting is definitely a journey that can you never truly prepare for. When I think I have everything down and I know what I?m doing, something completely off the wall happens. It?s impossible to plan when you have kids, and honestly, I think that?s the best part.

My parents have been a huge help in all of this as well, without them, I?m pretty sure I would be bald and sitting in the corner of my house crying. Just saying, you never know how much you need someone until they tell you they may go on vacation. Lol.

Well, that about sums it up for the week. Children are awesome, fun and unpredictable. Hawkeye Football is almost here, and summer needs to last forever.

See you around the community!