Have faith in God

By PASTOR DAVID FORRESTER, Trenton Missionary Church

Our daily walk with the Lord is often filled with opportunities to build and strengthen the muscle of faith.

Warren Wiersbe says ?Faith is like a seed: it seems small and weak, but it has life in it; and if it is cultivated, it will grow and release power. We need faith for many areas of life.?

Jesus teaches us in Luke chapter 17 ways to develop our faith.

Have Faith to Forgive:

Luke 17:3 says, ?If you brother sins, rebuke him and if he repents forgive him.

Sometimes it?s hard to forgive people when they have offended and hurt us.

Believers Commentary says: ?if a Christian is wronged by another Christian, he should first of all forgive the offender in his heart. This keeps his own soul free from resentment and malice.?

Have Faith to Serve:

In Luke 17:5-10, Jesus tells about the servant who has worked all day in the field and when he is done is expected to serve the master first before he eats. This seems cruel, but in our world of softness we tend to forget the importance of duty before personal gratification. Luke 17:10 says ...we have only done our duty.

In the film ?Facing the Giants? the coach challenges a quarterback to an exercise promising he can only stop when he has given his all. The coach blindfolds the quarterback, places another player on his back carrying him as far as he can on his hands and knees. Cheering him on to give his all, the quarterback goes the distance of the field.

He gives his all.

Sometimes in service to God we need to give Him our all.

Have Faith in Prayer:

Luke 17 tells the story of the 10 lepers. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice, Jesus, Master, have pity on us (Luke 17:12-13). Jesus told the lepers to go and see the priests. Their obedience to the instructions revealed their faith. Only one in 10 returned to give thanks, but they all obeyed resulting in their healing.

It takes faith to pray especially in the hard stuff.

Billy Graham said, ?Don?t forget: without fuel a fire grows cold ? and without fuel of the Bible prayer and Christian fellowship, our faith grows cold.?

Have faith Jesus is Returning

For the Son of Man in His day will be like lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other (Luke 17:24).

Why should we believe Jesus is returning; easy, because He said He would. However that takes faith.

?The important thing is not to set dates, but to be ready when He comes, for true faith leads to faithfulness. To look around at the increase in sin will discourage you, and to look back (as Lot?s wife) may destroy you, and look up and eagerly expect the Lord?s returning today. (Warren Wiersbe).

Have faith in God, He?s on His Throne

Have Faith in God, He watches over His own.

He cannot fail, He must prevail.

Have Faith in God, Have faith in God.

B. McKinney.