Hassenfritz thanks local community for their generosity

To the editor:

Saturday, July 16, 2016, was a day that dreams are made of for the family and friends of Edd and Vi King as we re-dedicated the Edd King Memorial Fountain.

United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said it best, ?Edd King is still the center and heart of Mt. Pleasant.?

I couldn?t agree more. I know of few men who 30 years after their most untimely and premature death are still remembered in such a way as my Uncle Edd. Secretary Vilsack and the Honorable Mike Vance had the kindest words about Edd and his legacy. I wish to thank everyone involved with making this event so positive and successful. Thank you to my brother and sister-in-law Denny and Sue Maynard Simmions, and my aunt and uncle Wayne and Loree King for giving me advice and completing many tasks helping me to prepare. Thank you Secretary and Christie Vilsack and their advance team with whom I have worked for a long time planning this event? for coming ?home? Tom to be the keynote speaker. Thank you to the Honorable Michael C. Vance for being our Master of Ceremonies. Thank you Mr. Wayne Nelson and Rev. Deb Stowers for prayers and for Rev. Stowers for singing one of my favorites, ?Hymn of Promise? which was perfect for this special day.

Thank you to Harry Hayward and his great crew for setting up the stage and chairs on Saturday morning. Thank you to Sal Alaniz for printing the invitations as a gift to us for this event. Thank you to Kemper True Value Rental for bringing us 50 chairs for family and the Council of 1986, the podium and sound system, all of which they gifted us for the day.

The goodness and kindness of Mt. Pleasant does indeed live on, as Edd King role modeled for us.

The entire City Council of 1986 (who are living) were present and some traveled great distances to be here. That was an honor to the King family.

Thank you to all who attended and celebrated with us this most special day? the life, love and legacy of a very special man taken too soon. We remember and we look ahead. I personally feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people who helped me plan this along the way, especially Secretary Vilsack?s office in Washington D.C. and his advance team. I am blessed beyond measure and to have been a part of this day and I will remember it for all of the days of my life.


Mary Hassenfritz

Mt. Pleasant