Hartsock, Miller headline All-SEISC teams

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


The Southeast Iowa Super Conference released its all-conference list at the end of February and 10 Henry County athletes made the squad.

Winfield-Mt. Union and WACO each had one player named to the first team and one named to the second team. New London, W-MU and WACO all had two honorable mentions.

Winfield-Mt. Union?s Lexee Hartsock and WACO?s Kiana Miller were the county?s two first-teamers. Hartsock led the Wolves with 15.8 points per game and 44 blocked shots in 2017-18 to earn a spot on the North Division first team. Miller scored a team-leading 10.5 points per game for WACO to earn a spot on the second team.

Allie McArtor was named to the North Division second team for W-MU. She scored 4.4 points per game and pulled down a team-leading 236 rebounds this season.

WACO?s Kristen Conelly got the second-team nod in the South Division. She scored 8.6 points per game and hit a team-leading 40 three-pointers this year.

Karley Schlee and Lauren Jamison were named to the North Division honorable mention list for W-MU. In the South Division, WACO?s Aubri Garnsey and Clara Schmitz made the cut, as did New London?s Alexa Wenger and Sydni Coleman.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Maci Gambell (12), Pekin; Haley Gambell (11), Pekin; Mackenzie Rogers (12), Mediapolis (POY); Maya Johnson (11), Mediapolis; Mariah Push (11), Louisa-Muscatine; Kylee Sanders (9), Louisa-Muscatine; Tiffany Parsons (12), Wapello; Alyson Stokes (11), Highland; Lexee Hartsock (12), Winfield-Mt. Union; Suzanna Yoder (11), Iowa Mennonite.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Zoey Wright (11), Pekin; Helaina Hillyard (10), Mediapolis; Eryka Dickey (10), Wapello; Addison Lolling (12), Wapello; Abbie Miller (11), Highland; Allie McArtor (12), Winfield-Mt. Union; Alyssa Hershberger (12), Iowa Mennonite; Riley Warson (12), Lone Tree; Alexa Wehrle (12), Louisa-Muscatine.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTION: Whitney Johnson (12), Pekin; Faith Oostra (12), Pekin; Mackenzie Springsteen (10), Mediapolis; Ruthie Jahn (10), Mediapolis; Hailey Sanders (10), Louisa-Muscatine; Catarina Osborn (12), Louisa-Muscatine; Samantha Ewart (9), Wapello; Sadie Burke (12), Wapello; Murphy Beinhart (12), Highland; Alyssa Brase (10), Highland; Karley Schlee (12), Winfield-Mt. Union; Lauren Jamison (12), Winfield-Mt. Union; Avery Blauvelt (12), Iowa Mennonite; Payton Hart (12), Iowa Mennonite; Ashley Musser (11), Lone Tree; Maddie Jacque (9), Lone Tree; Maki Mendenhall (12), Columbus; Anna Hamilton (11), Columbus.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Anna Krehbiel (12), Central Lee; Mya Merschman (9), Central Lee; Alyssa Pfadenhauer (1), Danville; Madison Bartholomew (10), Van Buren; Isabel Manning (9), Van Buren; Sydney Marlow (10), West Burlington; Brett Schneider (12), Holy Trinity; Emily Box (11), Holy Trinity; Kiana Miller (12), WACO.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Alexis Bauer (12), Danville; Taylor Ackerman (10), Notre Dame; Emily Fuller (11), Central Lee; Lexy Davis (11), West Burlington; Taylor Boeding (11), Holy Trinity; Kristen Conelly (11), WACO; Makenna Hall (11), Central Lee; Kathryn Luers (12), Danville; Rylie Todd (10), Notre Dame.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTION: Kassidy Haley (11), Central Lee; Katie Burdette (12), Central Lee; McKenzie Speer (12), Danville; Grace Grothe (12), Danville; Chloe Davidson (10), Van Buren; Grace Davidson (10), Van Buren; Annaka Harris (9), West Burlington; Savanah Swanson (12), West Burlington; Madison Mohrfeld (12), Holy Trinity; Ashlynn Hass (10), Holy Trinity; Hope Ward (10), Notre Dame; Hailey Blythe (12), Notre Dame; Aubri Garnsey (9), WACO; Clara Schmitz (11), WACO; Alexia McClure (9), Cardinal; Maddie Cloke (10), Cardinal; Alexa Wenger (11), New London; Sydni Coleman (10), New London.