Harmony-Van Buren School District Consolidation

Harmony Community School District and Van Buren Community School District have NOT yet consolidated into one school district. On Feb. 6, 2018, the residents of the Harmony and Van Buren Community School Districts will be given the opportunity to vote in favor of or against consolidating these two school districts. You still have a say in this decision.

As a resident of Lee County, this consolidation proposal does not fit. Consider the following example: A family resides in Lee or Henry County and has a child in junior high and one as a freshman in high school. Both children participate in extracurricular activities at the Keosauqua building. A parent could have to drive 50 miles/day, twice a day, to allow the children to participate before or after school as would be required by the activity. If this continued for the full school year (and that is possible with all the extracurricular activities available), a parent could easily drive 9000+ miles in a year?s time and spend 200+ hours of time transporting their children. Are there many residents willing to do this?

There is no way the Van Buren/Harmony consolidation can transport (by bus) any student from the Lee or Henry County area to the Jr./Sr. High facilities in less than 1 hour. Harmony struggled with this issue when it was just their own school area and I am sure that Van Buren is currently struggling with this issue. It is NOT acceptable to the State of Iowa for any child to be on a school bus for more than one hour.

If the merger occurs, there is no guarantee that the current Harmony elementary building will be used in the future. When that building is closed, the above example will apply to not only Jr./Sr. High students but to all age students.

Vote NO Feb. 6, 2018, and have a voice in this proposed permanent merger with Van Buren!


Speaking for Residents of Lee and Henry County,

Stephen W. Pohren