Grassley to have outpatient surgery

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley set a record two years ago for the longest time in the U.S. Senate without missing a vote. But on Wednesday, the Iowa Republican disclosed he?s having what he called a routine outpatient surgery on Friday and said he hopes the recovery period won?t break his streak.

At the end of his weekly conference call with Iowa reporters, Grassley told of his plans for the upcoming surgery, which he said was in the ?category of a hernia fix.? He gave no other details. However, he added that even though his plan was to be back at the Senate for votes Monday afternoon, his son had a similar procedure last year and warned him ?don?t expect to be very active for quite a while.?

Nonetheless, Grassley said he is hopeful.

?I hope I don?t miss any votes, because I want to continue to represent the people of Iowa like I have for the 8,025 votes that I?ve cast in a row since 1993,? he said, then ended the call.

Grassley, who is 84 and renowned for visiting all of Iowa?s 99 counties each year, broke the Senate record in early 2016 by going roughly 22 and a half years without missing a vote.

The previous Senate record, according to Roll Call, had been held by the late William Proxmire, a Democrat of Wisconsin.