Gorham asks for cleaner Washington

By David Hotle, The Golden Triangle News Service


WASHINGTON ? When resident Jim Gorham brought a bag of trash he collected from the area around the Washington square, he decided it was best not to pour the contents out on the library floor to show the Washington City Council Tuesday.

Gorham told the council he intends to continue picking up trash on his daily walks in the area, but asked if there was anything the city could do to help keep the area cleaner. During the public comment section of a special council meeting to discuss the coming fiscal year?s budget, Gorham presented the council with an option to help make Washington look better.

?Temporarily it looks pretty nice when I get done, but then it gets cluttered up again,? he said. ?I would ask you to think about maybe making a few more passes through the square with the machine. There are some cities that have smaller machines, we need something like that to clean it up quickly.?

He also said that during special events on the square, it would be nice if the trash receptacles on the square could be emptied more quickly, as the trash in them can blow out. Gorham said when the city is trying to attract people to the area and make it a nice looking place, the trash can be a hinderence.

Mayor Jaron Rosien said that Gorham?s recommendations were ?more than reasonable.? He asked how long it took Gorham to collect the trash he brought. He said he collected it during one pass around the square. He also said he could fill the bag about every day.

?People are just not careful,? Gorham said.

In 2009, resident Susan See wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in The Washington Evening Journal in which she issued a challenge to Washingtonians to clean up trash. The result was a yearly downtown clean up day that is usually held at the beginning of May. While organizers Craig Davis and Joe McConnell report seeing less trash that needs to be collected since the early days of the cleanup, they say trash still exists in the downtown area.