Getting to know Old Threshers

Well folks, I think the dust has finally settled on another Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, and wasn?t it something!

Now, despite only growing up less than an hour away from Mt. Pleasant, I?ve never been to the reunion. Well, that was until this year. I spent at least a couple of hours each day out on the grounds. I was snapping pictures, sniffing out stories and meeting new people. And man, there were so many new and interesting people to meet.

I met couples who had made Old Threshers their Labor Day get-away for over 40-years. I got to chat with bi-coastal families that met in the middle at the reunion for a little family reunion of their own and I got to chum around with half a dozen Aussies that made an extended pit stop in Mt. Pleasant during their cross-country tour of antique machinery.

Now, as a first timer, I can attest that there was literally a little bit of everything for everyone. There are meatballs on a stick for the foodies, country crooners for the musically inclined and just about every kind of machinery for the antique enthusiast. But, I know I don?t have to tell you guys about that.

However, my absolute favorite part of Old Threshes wasn?t the shoot-out (although it was pretty comical), or the live music (which I loved), it was riding the shuttle to and fro, from downtown to the grounds.

I know, that may seem like an oddball answer, but hear me out. What I loved about riding the shuttle was seeing the various people, because you know, Old Threshers gets all kinds. I enjoyed watching them meet and bond and reminisce, even if only for a moment.

I loved the comrade of a retired farmer hopping up out of his seat to help a family of five, with three little ones under the age of five, up onto the bus and then offering to hold the stroller so the dad could sit in the back of the bus with his kiddos. I loved that three kids, who had never met before, all piled into one seat together and that by the end of the ride they were hugging each other, having to say goodbye to their new best friend. I loved hearing the explosion of laughter from the back of the bus when the driver hit a bump, sending strangers bumping into one another, making them no longer strangers.

So next year, hop on a shuttle, open up your ears, be ready to share some stories and make some new friends, even if it?s only for a little while.