Get in the holiday spirit through service projects


Mt. Pleasant News

One of my favorite parts of living in a small community is the amount of care for others that small towns seem to possess. Maybe it is easier to care about your neighbors if there aren?t too many of them.

Not that Mt. Pleasant or Henry County only cares about its own residents, far from it.

I?m not really one to get into the ?Holiday season? too much, but I do like any excuse to notice people helping other people.

Here are a few examples that I think should be noted in Henry County:

1. The Mt. Pleasant Library staff raising funds for Heifer International. Right now the staff has raised enough donations to purchase a goat, a sheep, two pigs or even a few flocks of birds to help a community in need learn skills to be self-sustaining. They are so excited about their project, that they have extended their fundraising deadline to the end of January so people can donate after the holidays are over.

2. The Henry County Cattlemen helping out cattlemen in South Dakota. I regret to say that I was unaware of this until I read it in yesterday?s paper, but now that I know I hope a lot of people help these guys out. Growing up in a farming community, I got to know several Henry County Cattlemen and it doesn?t surprise me that these people are stepping up to go above and beyond to help fellow cattlemen in need.

3. Mt. Pleasant Lion?s Club mitten tree. With the temperatures dropping rapidly this time of year, it is important to stay bundled up to keep warm. Some children in Mt. Pleasant don?t have adequate hats or mittens to protect them from the cold, and that is where the Lions Club and Great Western Bank come in. The Lions set up a Christmas tree in the bank to be decorated with donations of mittens, gloves and other cold weather gear to be distributed to children in need in our town. The tree looks a little unusual, but it is for a good cause.

4. Wellspring Evangelical Free Church has a Christmas gift drive to give presents to an orphanage in India. All year round church members can sponsor children from the orphanage, but at Christmas time, the whole church rallies together and bombards the orphanage with gifts.

5. Each year, the Mt. Pleasant Police department has a toy drive for children in the area. As if police didn?t have enough to do everyday, they take it upon themselves to collect presents for kids in the area. If that doesn?t put you in a holiday mood, I don?t know what will

I am sure that these five organizations aren?t the only ones doing something special to help others right now, so if you know of any more please let me know.

Too often people get caught up in either receiving as many gifts as possible, purchasing that perfect gift for each person on their list or even just purchasing more gifts for others than anyone else. I think it is great to find organizations aiming to help others, especially at this time of year.

It makes me proud to be from a community that does so much for other people.