Fuse box starts minor fire in Fairfield High School gymnasium

By Andy Hallman, Golden Triangle News Service


A minor fire was reported Wednesday night in the Fairfield High School Gymnasium.

During open gym, boys? soccer coach Felisto Guezimane saw flames shoot out of the fuse box in the gym.

?It was at the end of open gym and we were collecting all the equipment,? he began. ?I was talking to one of the parents, and all of a sudden I heard a strange sound coming from my left side. It sounded like fire crackers. When I looked, I saw sparking fire coming from the fuse box.?

Guezimane yelled for one of the students to call 911. He ran toward the fuse box to try to put out the fire. The fire was coming from the top of the fuse box, so he was able to open the box and turn off the power.

?All the sparking stopped when we shut off the fuses, but there was still a little fire behind it,? he said. ?I had to blow on it to get the fire out. I was scared it was going to start a bigger fire. This is the first time I?ve had to deal with something like that.?

The fire call came at 8:38 p.m., and the Fairfield Fire Department arrived moments later. Fire Chief Scott Vaughan said power had already been shut off to the gym by the time firefighters arrived.

?We didn?t have to do anything other than investigate it,? Vaughan said. ?It was not as bad as it first sounded.?

Superintendent Laurie Noll said the fuse box is a little charred in one area, but that was the extent of the damage. School maintenance staff replaced two wires early this morning to return the fuse box to working order. Classes ran normally Thursday.