Fresh Conversations at the Fellowship Cup

June?s free Fresh Conversations program will be held on June 20 at 11 a.m., at the Fellowship Cup. Local facilitator, Elise Klopfenstein, clinical dietitian with Henry County Health Center, will lead the conversation.

Fresh Conversations is a free discussion group targeted at seniors. A leader starts the conversation each month on a nutrition topic. The next three months will feature diabetes. Participants will chat about foods to eat with diabetes. For fun, the group will sample delicious berries and explore the truth surrounding diabetes and fruit.

Sadly, diabetes has become such a common disease that at times it?s hard to know what?s fact and what?s fiction. Diabetes is a health condition that causes blood sugar to be too high. High blood sugars can cause sleep disruption, dry mouth and fuzzy memory. Failing to keep blood sugars in the targets a doctor deemed as goals, can lead to other health problems, such as numb feet and fingers, heart disease, stroke and difficulty seeing.