Former board member wants more transparency

To the editor:

Regardless of the outcome of the approaching school bond election, as a former Mt. Pleasant 12-year school board member, I am suggesting more open meetings in which the public could actually hear the ?whats? and ?whys? of decisions made. Decisions made behind closed doors are often subject to suspicion of intimidation of and by board members and/or staff who may be present.

Yes, there are occasions for exceptions, but usually honesty is still the best policy.

In the days when you believed an applicant if you were told he had a certain experience, education, degree, etc., life was more simple and people more trusting, perhaps because others were more honest and trustworthy.

It is of some interest to note that a large, or perhaps most, of the Bob Evans Athletic Complex was funded by gifts, not taxes.

Robert S. Wettach, M.D.,

Mt. Pleasant