Fireworks ordinance a dud

Another Fourth of July has come and ?almost? gone. I am voicing my opposition to allowing people to have ?the right? to shoot off the noise for an entire week. I am opposed to Mt. Pleasant allowing this ?disturbance of the peace.? Other towns have ordinances opposing this, why not Mt. Pleasant?

My reasons are simple. First, we had to say goodbye, twice,  to our local National Guard troops, sent to faraway places where explosions were everyday. Our veterans suffering from PTSD deserve better. Second, I can only imagine what the noise and sudden explosions must do to small children. Third, my little dog was a total wreck all week. He became too afraid to go outside, so I had to clean many spots off my newly cleaned carpet and medicate him several times to calm him. I know of others who had problems with their pets, also.

We had two organized fireworks shows on the fourth. One at McMillan Park and the other at the country club. That should be enough to show our patriotism. Another way to show patriotism is donate the money you might spend on the fireworks to some veterans programs or to an animal shelter. That should make you feel happy and proud.

So instead of a weeklong ?celebration? of noise, fly your flags, have your family picnics, parades, games and reunions, and visit the grace of some soldier who served and maybe died fighting for your right to celebrate that special day.

If you agree that Mt. Pleasant can and should do better for our veterans, small children and pets, please contact your council member to voice your concern.

Thank you,

Mrs. Eileen McBeth

Mt. Pleasant