Fellowship Cup selling fans, offering energy assistance this summer

As temperatures once again creep into the 90s this week, the Fellowship Cup has options to help Henry County residents stay cool.

Fans continues to be a hot-ticket item at the Quarter Maybe More Store at 112 N. Jefferson St. in Mt. Pleasant. Fellowship Cup Director Ken Brown said that the store is selling a lot of fans, with vouchers available through the Fellowship Cup for each household to get one fan per year at no cost. Brown said they also reserve fans for people with medical conditions and for seniors.

For those struggling to make ends meet, the Fellowship Cup provides energy assistance. If someone has a disconnect notice for their utilities and has exhausted their resources, Brown said the Fellowship Cup can help them with $100 toward their utility bill. They work with Community Action to help people get their bills paid and keep their utilities on if there is no other option.

The summer lunch program through the Fellowship Cup also has been going strong for the past month. This is the Fellowship Cup?s busiest year, serving about 165 kids a day.

The Fellowship Cup delivers to Mt. Pleasant Green Valley, South Street and Chesapeake Apartments. They also deliver to The Friends Church in Salem and Clark Elementary School in New London.

?The biggest resource we need is lots of juice, zip lock bags, sandwich size and snack size, and various snacks,? Brown said for anyone looking to pitch in. ?Mostly the juice ? that?s the big ticket item we go through on a weekly basis.?

Not quite halfway through the summer, the Fellowship Cup is already taking donations for school supplies for this fall. Brown said if anyone wants to donate, they accept general school supplies such as notebooks, number two pencils and crayons.

?We?ll provide a couple hundred backpacks for kids who are in the lunch program,? Brown said.

For more information or to seek assistance, visit the Fellowship Cup at 203 N. Jefferson St. in Mt. Pleasant or call 319-385-3242.