Exercising and healthy eating isn?t as easy as it seems


Mt. Pleasant News

Ouch. That?s all I can say after a couple weeks of this new training I am doing. Who knew getting into shape could hurt so much?

I mean I hurt. Last weekend, I spent most of it unable to walk properly because my muscles were so sore. It better be worth it, that?s all I can say.

If you were to see me walking (or attempting to anyway) up the stairs at my house, you would be laughing hysterically. My legs would not move, not at all. My husband was laughing at me and not being supportive of my situation. My kids, laughed, too and my daughter actually asked me if I needed a cane. I had to laugh at that because it did look I did need one.

After that weekend though, if I hear the word burpee one more time, I will probably have to scream. I?m pretty sure that I can go the next year without doing one of those again, but something tells me I will be doing them again very soon. Ugh.

What is a burpee exactly? It?s when you start in a standing position then drop down, do a push up and then jump up. You do this many times in a row and then you can?t move, well, in my case anyway. They are good for you, but I like to complain anyway (I think I secretly love it, just haven?t admitted that to myself yet).

But, working out has improved my mood and has made this winter more bearable. Being able to go to the gym and put my headphones in and run actually helps me get through this cold, bleak weather.

Also, training with others helps, too. I met a couple new people by doing this new training regime, and well, it?s been fun. We have a sort of friendly competition going on and we push each other to keep going. Honestly, if I wasn?t going to the gym, I?m sure you would be sitting here reading another column about how much I hate winter.

I would encourage you to get out and do some running or some weight lifting even, it will help your mood and help you (mainly me) get through this relentless winter we have had this year.

Along with my training regime, I have been trying to eat differently as well. That?s been the hard part. I have a love for Dr. Pepper, and well, it doesn?t seem to want to quit me either. I can?t seem to put it down, which means I?m not doing everything in my power to get healthier.

But, how do you quit something you?ve, well for a lack of a better phrase, been addicted to since you were 15? Caffeine is something my body needs, and I?ve tried teas, and other supplements, but pop seems to be able to provide the boost I need. I know, I know, it?s bad for me, but maybe just one can a day will do the trick?

Food is another problem for me on this healthy-eating kick. For the life of me I can?t seem to stop eating burgers, French fries, pizza and basically anything that probably has like 500 calories per serving. I love food, that?s all there is to it.

I know that eating salads, fruit and veggies will help me do what I want to do, but how can I give up the greasy, salty foods that make life so much better? Especially since, like I said before, there isn?t much to do right now and food tastes so good.

I?ve been doing better this week though. I?ve been told that eating six small meals a day will help me achieve what I want. Of course they have to be healthy meals, but I think that if I treat myself to a bite or two of something unhealthy, I can survive and do this. Plus, I?ve noticed more energy now that I don?t eat nearly as much of that greasy, salty food. Something worth testing now isn?t it?

With that said, I am going to enjoy some snacks that we brought to work today. I know, I?m contradicting myself. I say in one breath that I?m getting better about eating, but then I talk about snacks. I can?t help that my coworkers brought cupcakes?maybe just one, that will be okay, right?

Plus, I did bring Chicken Lip Dip, which isn?t super healthy, but I did use healthier ingredients. I opted for light cream cheese, light shredded cheese and light ranch. So I am trying, honest.

I have found that?s the best way for me to eat healthier. I find the foods that I love, and then research to find a healthier version. Almost everything I love has a healthy counterpart, which is good and is making this a lot easier than I had originally thought.

Some people do shakes for meals, but I can?t find myself doing that. I need to train myself to eat healthy and actually eat food, because honestly, I don?t want to spend the next 30 years of my life drinking shakes for meals. That doesn?t sound like any fun, and I know I would be more likely to eat an entire pizza to myself if I did.

The snacks in the break room are calling my name. Cupcakes, cheese popcorn and chips litter the tables and well, it just looks too yummy to give up. I will partake, but I promise to be good and not overeat. I can always go to the gym and workout extra hard tonight, right? I promise.

See you around the community! And remember, don?t stop cold turkey with the weight-loss thing. Find healthy alternatives to the foods you love, and each change you make is a success, so keep at it, and you can do it too!