Empty Nest on Osama bin Laden

By Curt Swarm

It has been almost ten years since that awful scene of jetliners crashing into the Twin Towers?the symbolic beginning of an economic downturn that would test the nettles of the greatest country on earth. How ironic that the perpetrator of that evil would be brought to justice on May Day, a day of peace.

A truly great country, I would think, would have had a little more somber reaction to the news. But dancing in the streets? The last time I checked, the majority of people in the U.S. were Christian. I know, the Bible says an Eye for an Eye. But that was the Old Testament. Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, taught love and forgiveness. The entire history of the human race has been one of fighting. When will all this stop? Revenge begets revenge, a never ending cycle of death and destruction.

One of the best questions I heard in the media was, ?Torture is illegal, but killing is not?? Gandhi said, ?An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.? Some of these words are coming from people who had loved ones killed in the Twin Towers.

Remember a few years ago when a madman killed and raped children in an Amish school in Pennsylvania? The parents of those children made an unimaginable gesture. They forgave the perpetrator, and offered assistance to the perpetrator?s family.

Now that was impressive.

The human race will only become great when arms are laid down. What if, say for instance, a super power like the U.S. carried an olive branch instead of a nuclear warhead? Annihilation? Maybe. Maybe not. I?m told we always try diplomacy first. If that doesn?t work, it?s the big stick.

All this is coming from a person (me) who has a permit to carry a weapon. Would I defend myself, my family, my property or, say, a stranger if he or she were being abused? You betcha. Would I go after and hunt down a criminal that had harmed me or my family? I might, or I might study the Amish example. I might pray for my enemy.

President Obama?s action in eradicating bin Laden was impressive, especially after a similar tactic tried by the Carter administration ended in failure and embarrassment. Even the Republican party, for the most part, is singing accolades for Obama. I see a unification of both parties out of all this. Imagine that.

The burial (dumping) of bin Laden?s body at sea seemed a little strange. I?m not sure there?s a precedent for it. Justification, maybe. So, it?s okay for us to hunt down and kill people we have deemed terrorists?

Don?t get me wrong. I love living in a free country, and understand the price of freedom.

On a happier note, my first grandchild was born on May 4th. Now that?s worth celebrating! She was 7 lbs, 5 oz., and 19 inches long. Neva Faith Swarm. A beautiful little girl. I?m a grandpa, and it was my daughter-in-law?s parents? first grandchild, also. Neva was almost two weeks late, but once she got to cooking, there was no holding her back.

An interesting side note to the birth is that my daughter-in-law?s doctor is the daughter of two doctors I went to high school with. Small world.

As the destruction of the Twin Towers rang in the 21st century recession/depression felt round the world, the death of Osama bin Laden signals its end.

Get ready for some prosperity. (And hopefully peace.)

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