Early voting is done for June primary

With the primaries taking place tomorrow, June 5, the last chance for early voting is now over. According to Henry County auditor, Shelly Barber, just under 400 ballots were cast this year.

Early voting, also known as absentee voting, does not require a reason. Anyone who wants to vote before the day of the election, can,? said Barber.

To be elgible to vote previously to the election, one must request a form from her office. The voter then must come into the office and provide their voter ID and another form of identification for the vote to be counted. On the voter card is a state issued four-digit pin number required, for the vote to count.

This is different from previous years where only one form of identification was required. ?This year is a soft roll-out,? she said. ?We can?t make thems show us, but I need to have one of two numbers.?

?Not everyone has given us their license and everything,? she said. ?People are getting used to this, to vote this way.? Beginning January 1, 2019, this will become a required practice. Another change for next year will be proof of adress if it has changed. If the adress in the system and on the identification card are not the same, a paper form, bank statement, utility bill or other proof that the voter is living at this adress is required.

Mail-in ballots also had a change to their process this year. Previously, ballots were able to be sent unil the Friday before the election but now are required to be mailed the Friday before that.

Barber said the transition has gone smoothly thus far and no complaints have been made. ?Nobody in here has complained that that?s what they?ve had to do. It all worked well,? she said.