December Duplicate Bridge Results

Monday, Dec. 4 9:30 ? a.m. game

1st: Bonnie Kremer and Martha Peterson

2nd: Ralph Andersen and Chuck Woodruff

Thursday, Dec. 7 ? 1 p.m. game

1st: James Graues and Daniel Walker

2nd: Dave Barrett and Dixie Horsey

Monday, Dec. 11 ? 9:30 a.m. game

1st: Roy Gilleard and Norris

Tie for 2nd: Natalie Carroll and Lea Bradley

Dave  Hutchfroft and Glenn Gray

Thursday, Dec. 14 ? 1 p.m. game

1st: Mary Kay Higgins and Karen Land

2nd: James Graves and Daniel Walker

Monday, Dec. 18 ? 9:30 a.m. game

1st: Glenn Gray and Don Schantz

2nd: Doris Dorethy and Natalie Carroll

Thursday, Dec. 28 ? 1 p.m. game

1st: Ralph Andersen and Lea Bradley

2nd: Amy Cox and Chuck Woodruff