DAR learns about immigration during June meeting

The James Harlan Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution met the morning of Saturday, June 23, at the Mt. Pleasant Veterans? Hall. 24 members and guests attended while hostesses Maria Whetsler and Linda Dorn provided refreshments.

Regent Barbara Welander conducted opening rituals, followed by the morning?s program about the naturalization process.

Mallory Smith, Community Development Director for Columbus Junction, gave a detailed account of the lengthy procedure for refugees and immigrants to become United States citizens. After residing in the country for a minimum of five years, a 20-page form must be completed and submitted, along with a $725 application fee. After the questionnaire is processed, which typically takes six to nine months, the applicant is scheduled for an interview in Des Moines. During this oral interview, the applicant provides proof of their fluency in English. A citizenship quiz must then be passed. Six of 10 questions must be answered correctly; the questions are selected from a pool of 100 questions. Mallory, with several local volunteers, organizes citizenship classes, which help applicants complete their paperwork and prepare them for their interview and quiz. The topic proved interesting and timely as Mallory fielded many questions.

Registrar Carol Klopfenstein introduced guest Mikayla Brown as a prospective member. Officers for the upcoming year were announced and those in attendance were sworn in: Regent, Gayle Olson; Vice-Regent, Dianna Klaus; Chaplain, JoAnn Stout; Recording Secretary, Becky Wright; Treasurer, Kayleigh Septer; Registrar, Carol Klopfenstein; Librarian, Margaret Carlson; Historian, Martha Allen.

Other DAR members in attendance: ISDAR State Registrar Sylvia Blaesing, Pat White, Laura Beattie, Judy Rawson, Sylvia Ridinger, Pat Brown, Mary Savage, Margaret Carlson, Trish Woepking, Carol Messer, Laura Beattie, Waunita Gibbons, Jane Neil, Helen See and Wilma Lewis.

The next meeting will be Saturday, July 28, at the Public Library in Washington. Susan Clark will talk about the library?s genealogy resources and DNA testing.

Members of DAR descend from a patriot who fought in the American Revolution. The objectives of DAR are historical preservation and the promotion of education and patriotic endeavors. For information on joining DAR, contact Carol Klopfenstein, 319-257-6987.