Danville joins Panther football

By Karyn Spory, Mt. Pleasant News


Danville high school students will be sinking their cleats into the turf at Evans Field next year as the Mt. Pleasant School Board unanimously approved the cooperative agreement Monday, Dec. 11.

Last year, Danville partnered with West Burlington Notre Dame. However, as the Iowa State High School Athletic Association is redrawing districts for football, The Falcons had the opportunity to drop down to Class 2A football, but only if they ended their sharing agreement with Danville. Danville High School reached out to several schools in the area, Activities Director Scot Lamm told the school board last month, but their preference was to play with Mt. Pleasant. During discussion with his fellow board members, Willy Amos said he had heard concerns from parents regarding the number of middle school players and if the increased numbers would allow for adequate playing time.

However, Lamm said Tuesday morning that middle school players won?t have to be a concern anymore as the districts are now looking at a sharing agreement just for the high school. ?I spoke with Danville (activities director) this morning and it?s very possible that this will be a nine through 12 agreement to start with. I think they would like to keep middle school over there now, which seemed to be our biggest concern our board had discussed,? said Lamm.

The board approved the agreement unanimously Monday night.

Lamm said right now the district is concerned with getting the paperwork into the state. ?The rest of the details will be decided after Christmas,? said Lamm.

The largest concerns, according to Lamm, will be logistics ? figuring out how to transport the Danville students to Mt. Pleasant for training, practice and games ? as well as the financials.

Overall, Lamm believes the cooperative agreement is a win-win for both districts. ?I think football is a game of numbers, our numbers are down like the rest of the state,? said Lamm. ?If we?re going to continue to offer three levels of playing at the high school we need numbers.?