Crawfordsville News

Carolyn Love entertained her family on Saturday, Dec. 23 at a 4 p.m. for an early Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Attending were Sonya Love-Smith, Maggie and Audrey, Wes, Kaitlyn, Lawson and Isaac Love, Jesse, Betsy and Preston Lasek and Bruce Davis.

Larry and Donna Fletcher hosted the Fletcher family pre-Christmas dinner on Saturday, Dec. 23, in the Fellowship Hall at the United Church of Crawfordsville. In attendance were Brad and Carol Fletcher and their family; Clinton and friend, Emma Redington and Emma Fletcher and friend, Ryleigh; Steve and Pam Green and Fletcher; Kathy and Mick Garris; Troy Garris; Jennifer and Charlie Dill and family, Erik and Bekah Garris and Clinton; Robin Fletcher, Amy and Corey Mellies and family and Kaleb and Linsey Zimmerman and family.

On Christmas Eve, Pastor Jason and Tina Collier, Joe, Lexi, Izzy, Jeremy and Jessup hosted a dinner for Jason?s sister, JoHannah and her husband, Bret Crotty; Victoria and Tyana, of Pembinia, N.D.; his grandmother, Helen Crawford and his parents, Jim and Carol Collier, of Davenport. JoHannah and her daughter, Victoria, signed special Christmas music in American Sign Language (ASL) at both the Ainsworth and Crawfordsville church services on Christmas Eve.

Dinner guests in the home of Billie Jo Rose on Christmas Eve were Kevin Rose and Beth Bennett and David and Joi Dellamuth. On Christmas Day, they were joined by Marshal Rose.

Opal Reschly joined Cindy and Steve Butcher for Christmas Day dinner at the home of Dave and Pam Shinstock in Salem.

Enjoying Christmas Day with Doug and Carol Steele were Harold Steele, of Washington; Carmen Steele, of Omaha, N.E., Doug and Carrie Wilkerson and Emma, of Center Point; and Cory and Katie Steele, Kylee and Clayton, of Crawfordsville.

Wilma McAllister entertained all her family Christmas Day to a soup supper. Those present were McAllister?s son, Tom and Ruth McAllister, and their families, Mark and Dawn Wilkerson and family, Chad and Steph McAllister and children and Wilma?s daughter and husband, Chris and Steve Williams and their children, Steph and Justin Keeton, Jeff Williams and friend and Zack and Rachel Williams and family. Family friends Dale and Eunice Cox also attended.

David and Zola Cerka spent Christmas Day in the home of David and Veronica Cerka in Cedar Rapids. They were joined by the latter Cerka?s children, Dylan, Clayton and McKalia and Jolleen Cerka, of Washington.