Crawfordsville news: July Tri-T news and updates

The regular meeting of Chapter L of the National T.T.T. Society was held Monday, July 31, at the Olds United Church of Christ. President Barb Shelman called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with the group singing, ?The Sword of Gold.?

No meditations were given and 11 members answered roll call with ?The best pet I?ve had.? Minutes of the June 25 meeting were approved as read.


? A letter was read from the National T.T.T. Society concerning accounting services being moved to Diversified Management Services.

? Bailey Lilywhite replied with an acceptance of the club?s invitation to join Chapter L.

? Treasurers Report was given by Missy Fear and will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports:

A discussion was held concerning buying three Walmart gift cards for the most recent camp girls to get school supplies. Betty Molander made a motion, Robin McClanahan seconded and the motion carried. The cards will be mailed to the girls.

Gifts and Charity:

Nothing to report

Ways and Means:

? Pizza Ranch Tip Night in Mt. Pleasant was a success. Leah will check with Washington Pizza Ranch to see if a tip night can be set up with them as well.

? The Bazaar will be held at the November meeting.

Old Business, New Business and Bills:

Nothing to report


President Shelman thanked everyone who worked the Pizza Ranch Tip Night and also thanked Jen Slagel and Sharon Beattie for refreshments. As there is no meeting in August, the next meeting will be Monday, Sept. 24, at the Olds United Church of Christ. Glenda Alvine and Helen Mullin will be hostesses. Joann Roth will provide meditations. The meeting was adjourned with the closing creed.

Following the closing of the regular meeting, many stayed to make cards for next year?s camp girls. Word has been received here of the death of former resident Elaine Thomas Mercer of Cedar Rapids.

Elaine passed Saturday, July 28, at home, following a short battle with cancer. Elaine was born February 20, 1950 and grew up in the Crawfordsville community, the daughter of the late Harvey and Helen Thomas. She graduated from WACO High School in 1968 and was looking forward to her 50th class reunion this year. She is survived by her husband, Rod; two children, Brett and Megan; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren and numerous cousins in the area.