Crawfordsville news: Family visits around the globe

Several members of the Aline Hesseltine and the late Howard Hesseltine family were in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday, Aug. 16, to receive the Century Farm Award for their family farm. The late Albert and Emma Hesseltine purchased 40 acres in 1918 and Aline and Howard moved there in 1949 and bought additional land. They had six children: Richard, Diana, Glenn, Larry, Jane and Sandra. Howard passed in 1964 and Aline stayed on the farm and raised her family.

Alice Hochstetler and daughter, Ilona Roberts were able to spend time with their daughter and sister, Lara Hochstetler, for her 30th birthday in Rome, Italy, on Aug. 15. They left on Aug. 7, and returned on Aug. 16. Lara is a missionary in the Middle East. Alice and Ilona had a direct flight from Chicago to Rome. It was nine-and-a-half hours out and 10 hours returning. They rented an air bed and breakfast right downtown and were able to walk most places they visited. They took the metro that was only a few blocks away.

Some of the places visited were the Forum, Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Pantheon, as well as the Jewish Getto.

They downloaded a ?Heart of Rome? walking tour narrated by Rick Steves and everyone agreed that was their favorite. Lots of pasta, pastries and more pasta were enjoyed.

Yvonne (Hooley) Krisianto, daughter of Jim and Elaine Hooley, of Wayland, a missionary in Indonesia and a close friend of Lara?s, joined them for six days.

Rome is a very old city and has a rich heritage. It was amazing for them to be able to walk where Apostle Paul and Peter walked spreading the Good News. They report the weather was quite hot.

It was a great trip, but they are glad to be home. Lara says hi to everyone.

Upon returning to the states, Alice and Iona took the train to Indiana. Joe met them and he and Alice helped daughter and husband, Ilona and Matt Roberts, move to there new home outside of Goshen.

Tony McElhinney and Penny Penfield were fortunate to spend 14 days in Kyrgyzstan visiting their foreign-exchange daughter, Begimai Aibekova and her family. Her father works retail contractors supply and her mother has a preschool. The trip was amazing and they saw a 14th century Tash-Rabat, a stone fortress on the original Silk Road, near the China border. They also spent four days and nights at Lake Issyk-Kul that was very enjoyable. One of the favorite places was Lake Song-Kol. It was so far up in the mountains that they were far above the tree line, and at night they felt as if they could touch the stars and moon.

The country is very new and still in the process of developing an infrastructure, but that will come with time. The people are super happy and very accommodating. The hardest part of the trip was the 18-hour flight.