Crash leaves 2 cars in ditch on Iowa Ave., Harvest Dr. yesterday

Ron Fuller was driving south on Iowa Ave. when a red car pulled out in front of his 2007 Dodge Ram at the corner of Harvest Dr.

After colliding, both cars landed in the ditch. The front end of the red car was detached and sat against a telephone pole.

There were three passengers in the red car, including two minors. The passengers said they didn?t see the truck coming.

Fuller leaned against the back end of his truck as he waited for paramedics to look over the other driver, who was taken to by ambulance to Henry County Health Center.

?I was going 35, maybe 40 miles per hour, and there she was,? Fuller said.

The other two passengers, who were minors, waived their right to paramedics. They were then found in posession of marijuana and taken by deputies to the Henry County Jail.

As Fuller waited for a tow truck to arrive, he said, ?Tell them to get me a six pack because I sure could use one right now.?