Cover crop sign-up available now

Local USDA/NRCS offices are open and a sign up for cover crops is available. Land owners in the townships of Tippecanoe, Salem or Jackson in Henry County, townships of Marion or Cedar in Lee County, townships of Harrisburg, Cedar, and Union in Van Buren County or the townships of Round Prairie, Cedar and Buchannan in Jefferson County, the Lower Skunk River Watershed Project has a $25 per acre cost share available to plant cover crops. If landowners are not in the project area, all counties have $25 per acre for first-time users of cover crops and $15 per acre for those that have used cover crops before. For more information contact Miranda Haes, project coordinator, at 319-385-2824 Ext. 3 or by email at

The Lower Skunk River Watershed Project is part of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy ? Water Quality Initiative for the state of Iowa. More information on this project and other projects going on across the state is available at